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Domestic Auto Transport Services

Use the dropdown menu to find local companies in your state. provides visitors with FREE comparison quotes from up to 7 car shipping companies offering interstate shipping services. This allows you to compare car shipping rates and transportation services from many of the best car shippers in the U.S in a matter of minutes. Our goal is to help save you time and money and ensure your vehicle arrives safely at its destination.

Ship a Car State to State

Are you searching online for the best way to ship a car from state to state? Without a doubt, using a national auto shipping company is the best way to ship a car cross country. If you have never shipped a car before, the process may seem intimidating at first. Nevertheless, once you see how easy and affordable it is to ship a car, you will wonder why this is your first time ever using such a phenomenal service!

Determine Your Auto Shipping Needs

You already know that you need to ship a car, but do you know how you want to ship it? American car shipping companies offer different shipping services that vary in options and in price. Some of these service options include:

  • Open Auto Shipping
    When you select open auto shipping, your car will be shipped on an open hauler with several other vehicles going along the same route. Open auto shipping is a low-cost way to ship a car state-to-state.
  • Enclosed Auto Transport
    When enclosed auto shipping is chosen, your vehicle will be transported securely in an enclosed trailer with no more than a few other vehicles at a time. The cost to ship a car in an enclosed auto transport trailer could cost up to 60% more than shipping it on an open hauler.
  • Expedited Car Shipping
    If you need to ship a car in a hurry, choose a national auto transporter that can offer you expedited car shipping. The convenience of this service will come at a heavier price tag, but if you need your car shipped in a short amount of time, it is the best option to choose for local shipping.

Search Online for Domestic Auto Shipping Companies

There’s no need to spend time flipping through the phone book and calling around numerous car transport companies to get quotes to ship a car, especially since the internet has made it so easy to get online shipping quotes. By obtaining free quotes to ship a car, you can start to compare prices and services offered by the different auto transport companies.

Compare Several Auto Transporters for the Best Deal

Once the domestic auto transport quotes to ship a car start coming in, you will notice immediately how prices and services will vary among the various automobile transport companies. Using the online quotes as a guideline, you can begin your research to find an auto shipping company offering the best deal on interstate shipping.