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Virginia Auto Transport Quotes

Virginia Auto Transport Quotes

Consider using a Virginia car shipping company if you have a car that you need transported to or from the state. Car haulers in Virginia can haul your car for you regardless of where in the state you want it picked up from or where you want it delivered. Most Virginia car shipping companies will be glad to give you a free online quote if you provide them with details about your car and other shipping requirements.

Moving to the Dominion State

The Commonwealth of Virginia is located on the East Coast of the continental US. It shares a border with six states, including Washington, DC to the north, North Carolina to the south, and Kentucky to the west. The Dominion State, as Virginia is called, is bordered to the east by the Atlantic Ocean. Virginia is one of the most densely populated states in the country, and also one of the most affluent ones. The state’s economy used to be primarily driven by coal and tobacco, but now is being increasingly powered by high-technology companies, especially in the semiconductor space.

Car Transportation in Virginia

Virginia car shipping companies can help address your car transportation needs whether you live in major metropolitan areas, such as Richmond and Fairfax, or any of its numerous smaller towns and cities, such as Lexington and Staunton. Most auto hauling companies in the state offer door-to-door auto transport, as part of which they will pick up and drop off your car right at your front door.

Many Virginia car shipping companies also offer terminal-to-terminal shipping services. This is a good option to consider because it is usually quite a bit cheaper than door-to-door shipping. The one drawback with terminal-to-terminal shipping is that you will need to find a way to drop off and pick up your vehicle at the car hauling company’s shipping terminal.

Enclosed Carriers and Open Carriers

Virginia car shipping companies will transport your car in an open carrier unless you specifically ask for it to be shipped in an enclosed vehicle. An open carrier is the more economical option. However, it offers less protection for your vehicle during transit compared to an enclosed carrier. As a result, enclosed carriers carry price tags that are between 40 percent and 60 percent higher than an uncovered carrier. Choose an enclosed carrier only if you have an expensive high-end vehicle or a costly antique car that you want to transport.

Things to Remember When Selecting an Auto Hauler

If you have not used a professional auto shipping services before, there are a few other items that you need to keep mind:

  • The price quoted by your Virginia car shipping company will depend on your vehicle. Generally a big car will cost more to ship than a small car. So, transporting a Humvee will cost you substantially more than transporting a two-door sedan.
  • The distance you want you car shipped is another big factor. Shipping your car between New York and Florida, for instance, will be substantially cheaper than shipping between Boston and San Francisco.
  • Your point of origin and your destination play a big role in determining shipping costs as well. In most cases, it costs less to ship a car between big cities than it does to ship between smaller ones.

Choose Only Reliable Carriers

When selecting an auto hauler, always make sure to check its credentials first. Reputable companies will be properly registered, licensed and fully insured. If your car suffers damage during transit, your auto transportation company should have the insurance coverage needed to pay for repairs. Do not be shy about asking for customer references. The last thing you want to do is entrust your vehicle to an unreliable carrier.

Virginia car shipping companies are experts at transporting cars around the state and country, so consider hiring one if you find yourself needing to ship your vehicle to or from the state.