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International Car Shipping Services

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Over the past decade, the process of international car shipping has become quite popular. This is mainly because many see the prices to ship a car overseas are low enough to validate bringing their car with them on their overseas move.

Also, people who have strong attachments to their vehicles take comfort knowing that if they need to move their vehicles to another country, they can do so with the help of an international car shipping company.

International Car Shipping Methods

There are three main options to choose from when shipping cars internationally. Though your chosen auto shipping company can go over each option in further detail with you, it’s always a good idea to know beforehand what your choices are.

  • Roll-On/Roll-Off Shipping (RORO)
    Many automobile manufacturers choose this method of shipping cars out of the country more than any other method. It’s simple, cost-effective, and safe. The process involves your vehicle being rolled onto a ship where it will be secured and safely transported. Your vehicle will then be rolled off of the vessel upon arrival at its destination port.
  • Container Shipping
    Shipping cars overseas via an enclosed container is similar to what enclosed auto shipping on land offers. Your vehicle will be shipped securely in a steel container along with a few other vehicles that are being shipped. This option is generally more expensive than RORO shipping, but it will offer your vehicle more protection throughout the trip.
  • Exclusive Container Shipping
    Anyone shipping cars of extremely high-value are encouraged to ship them in an individual container. If you own a high-value, antique, or collectible automobile, you should ask your chosen auto shipping company if they offer this service. Shipping cars in an exclusive container will come at a higher premium, yet the peace of mind it will offer may just be worth the extra cost.

Keep in mind that there is a lot involved with overseas car shipping, but if you have the right auto shipper working on your behalf, the process will go smoother.

Cost to Ship a Car Internationally

Using a shared container is a viable option for anyone looking to save money on their international car shipping costs. Generally, a shared container holds 4 to 5 cars at a time, which allows the cost to ship a car to be spread among shippers. This car shipping option is only available when there are enough cars to fill the container. For someone who needs their vehicle shipped to a popular destination, shared container shipping may be the perfect solution.

Most car shipping companies will offer the option to ship a vehicle internationally by way of an individual container. Since only one vehicle can be transported per container, the cost of this method of international car shipping is considered the most expensive option. However, it is a good option for anyone that needs to ship a valuable or collectible automobile.

Select an International Car Shipping Company

When shipping a car to another country, it is important to work with a transport company that specializes in international car shipping. Because moving a car to another country can be a somewhat detailed process, you need a shipper who can guide you along the way.

Do you know what type of shipping insurance you will need to cover your car during the shipment? What taxes will you need to pay, if any, to the other country for shipping your car there? What about customs? A car shipping company that deals with international car shipping will be able to assist you and help get you answers to all of those questions.

Additional Tips & Advice for Overseas Car Shipping

The work involved in shipping a car overseas is substantial. There will be a great deal of paperwork involved, and you will want to prepare your car for shipping as well. The company you work with will walk you through the process to ensure everything is ready on the day of your move. If you do everything correctly, your car will arrive safe and sound at your new home before you know it.

Here is an example of what you will need to do before your move. Let’s say you’re moving from England to the United States. You will need to have all the proper documentation completed and given to the auto shipping company, or the shipment may be refused at the port of entry and returned to England. Once you’re in the U.S, it will be very difficult to fix any problems that occurred along the way.

The best advice we can give you to ensure your overseas car shipping service goes as smoothly as possible is to find a reputable company to work with. International car shipping companies are a dime a dozen, so get read some auto transport reviews and ask people you know about companies they have used in the past. If you have any questions, be sure to ask your auto shipper. Don’t hesitate to ask questions at any point in the process.