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Enclosed Carrier Transport Services

Enclosed Carrier Transport Services

The majority of people shipping their cars these days find that choosing between open carrier transport and enclosed auto transport is one of the tougher decisions that they will need to make during the whole car shipping process. They are both great options, but, depending on what type of car you are transporting, the enclosed auto transport benefits may outweigh the negatives.

When you need to get your antique or classic car moved over a long distance, consider having a professional car shipping company move your vehicle for you. Enclosed auto transport has the benefit of being the safest way to transport your vehicle, though that safety comes at a higher price than traditional open auto transport. It’s easy these days to get auto shipping quotes from auto transport companies that specialize in transporting antique, collectible, high-end, modified, or any car that needs special attention.

Advantages of Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport is the perfect option for anyone who wants to ship a car of any value. You don’t need an exotic car, or even high-end sports car to take advantage of enclosed transport; however, the majority of automobiles that are shipped in enclosed trailers are these types of vehicles.

The chances of your car being damaged on an open hauler are very low; however, minor damage such as a small ding or scratch can happen a lot easier when a vehicle is riding on-board an open hauler vs. an enclosed trailer. Since getting free car transport quotes is fast and easy, you can obtain quotes for both types of services to help you determine which one would be best for your automobile shipping needs.

As everyone knows, on high-end or collectible cars, a minor ding or scratch can lower the value of a vehicle tremendously. This is just one of the many reasons why getting auto shipping quotes for enclosed auto transport is recommended.

Since enclosed trailers can only hold a certain amount of vehicles at one time, typically 3-5, the chances of your prized automobile being damaged by cars being shipped with it is highly unlikely. For that reason alone, getting auto shipping quotes is perfect for someone who needs their car to arrive at its intended destination in the same exact condition it left in — without even one noticeable fine scratch on it.

A transport driver takes extreme care when enclosed auto transport is chosen, and may use special ramps or lift-gates to get a car in and out of an enclosed trailer without damaging it. When you get auto shipping quotes for enclosed auto transport, inquire about how your car will be handled during the loading and unloading process and during the actual car transport.

The Cost of Enclosed Auto Transport

The one downside to shipping in a closed-in auto transport trailer, however, is the fact that, since there are fewer vehicles being transported in the trailer at once, the car shipping rates could get quite expensive. As soon as you start to get auto shipping quotes, you will see the difference in pricing for this car shipping process right away.

In essence, it could cost at least 50% more to ship your vehicle using an enclosed auto shipping trailer than it would cost to ship it in an open trailer. Still, the benefits of enclosed auto transport may be worth the cost, so it pays to get your auto shipping quotes from an auto mover that can provide you with this affordable shipping service.

Higher Price Is Worth the Peace of Mind

Of course, enclosed auto transport does not come cheap. Again, for someone that owns a car that can drop significantly in value with just a minor paint chip or ding, enclosed auto transport may be the only viable option. We recommend you get at least 2 or 3 car shipping quotes to make sure you get the best deal possible.

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to own an expensive car to take advantage of enclosed trailer transport. Any car can be shipped in an enclosed container for anyone that is willing to pay extra for the service. The benefits of enclosed auto transport are readily apparent for wealthy car owners.