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Alaska Auto Transport Quotes

Alaska Auto Transport Quotes

Are you anticipating a move or an extended visit to Alaska? If so, you will definitely want to bring your car there with you. Alaska car shipping companies take the guesswork out of transporting your car to and from the beautiful state of Alaska.

Why Choose An Experienced Alaska Car Shipper?

There are only a few ways to get your car in and out of Alaska, and an experienced Alaska car shipping company will know which would be best for your particular vehicle move. Also, there is some paperwork to be filled out and certain conditions your car must meet before it can be shipped in and out of Alaska. An experienced car shipping company is already aware of this and will guide you through the process.

Paperwork You Will Need to Ship a Car to Alaska

If you are financing your vehicle, you will need a signed and notarized letter from the lien holder granting you permission to ship your car to Alaska. If you own the car outright, you will need to show the title to the Alaska auto transport company and provide them with a current copy of your vehicle’s registration. If your vehicle is co-owned, both owners of the vehicle will need to sign a consent form and have it notarized in order for it to be shipped to Alaska as well.

Should you plan on having someone else pick up your car when it arrives at the port in Alaska, it is important that you fill out a Letter of Authorization appointing them as an authorized person to take possession of your vehicle. Your Alaska auto transport company can provide you with this form and answer questions you may have regarding any of the other required shipping paperwork.

How Your Car Is Shipped To and From Alaska

The most popular and more affordable way to ship a car to Alaska is by sea. The 3 main ports that receive car shipments in Alaska are in Dutch Harbor, Anchorage, and Kodiak. The Alaska car transport company that you choose will have your car come in at the nearest port to your location.

When shipping from the lower 48 states, you will need to have your car shipped out of a port in either Long Beach or San Diego, California. You can also ship your car out of the port in Tacoma, Washington. Your Alaska auto shipping company will be able to assist you with all of the logistics.
Alaska car shipping by land is possible, but your vehicle would need to travel through Canada in order to do so. This means that your vehicle will need to be cleared through customs, which could delay your shipment and possibly add to your total shipping costs. It’s recommended that you discuss both transport options with a reputable Alaska car shipping company to find the option that would best suit your needs.