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Kentucky Auto Transport Quotes

Kentucky Auto Transport Quotes

If you need to transport your car to or from Kentucky for any reason, consider hiring a Kentucky car shipping company to do it for you. A professional Kentucky auto hauler will be able to transport your car more efficiently and securely than if you were to drive it to your destination. More importantly, given today’s gas prices, having your car transported by a Kentucky car shipping company is not going to cost you a whole lot more than driving either.

Moving to the Blue Grass State

Kentucky is officially considered a part of the south by the U.S. Census Bureau, though it is actually located in the south central part of the United States. The state is often referred to as the Blue Grass State, a name derived from the abundance of blue grass throughout the region. A substantial portion of Kentucky’s economy is still based on agriculture, though, over the past few decades, the state has also emerged as a major base for manufacturing companies, especially within the transportation and chemicals sectors. The state is the largest producer of coal in the country, and is also a major source for natural gas and petroleum products.

Car Shipping Firms in Kentucky

Kentucky car shipping companies can handle your car transportation service requirements regardless of whether you are relocating to the state from another region, or if you are moving out of the state. Remember, even though a company might be regional in nature, it can still transport your vehicle to any destination in the country.

Tips for Selecting a Car Shipper in Kentucky

Finding a Kentucky car shipping firm to haul your vehicle is fairly easy. Numerous websites are available which allow you to submit your requirements online and get quotes from multiple car transport companies in the state. When comparing car transport quotes from different companies keep the following points in mind:

  • Car shipping rates depend on the distance you want the vehicle hauled, how soon you want it shipped and your mode of shipment.
  • Kentucky car shipping companies let you ship your cars in open carriers or enclosed carriers. Open carriers are the cheaper option, but your car will be exposed to inclement weather and road conditions during transit.
  • Ask if your Kentucky car shipping company offers door-to-door pickup and delivery. Most automobile shippers in the state offer door-to-door service. However, transport carriers are very large vehicles and, sometimes, it may be hard for one to come to your home to make a pickup or delivery.
  • Remember to schedule your shipment at least 10 days to two weeks in advance.
  • Before selecting a carrier ensure that the company is properly registered, licensed and insured to operate an interstate carrier.

Shipping a Car is Easier Than You Think

Contrary to popular perception, having a car shipped professionally is neither as expensive nor as complex as it might first appear. Car shipping companies in Kentucky, just like their peers in other states, are specialized in moving vehicles quickly and cost-efficiently. Most use state-of-the-art carriers and sophisticated navigation and scheduling tools to minimize the cost and time needed in getting a vehicle safely to its destination. So, if you are looking to transport your car to or from the Blue Grass state, your best bet would be to hire a Kentucky car shipping company to do the job for you.