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Auto Transport 123 Review

Auto Transport 123 Review

Auto Transport 123 is a very recently developed car transport company, having only begun business in January of 2010. With offices now in New York, Florida, and California, Auto Transport 123 is looking to get ahead of the competition in the car shipping field. Part of their early success is due to their already-nationwide coverage, including all 50 states.

Auto Transport 123 Services

Despite the company’s young age, Auto Transport 123 has already begun offering a competitive line of services, such as:

Choosing Auto Transport 123

Customers that choose Auto Transport 123 can be confident that they are choosing a rapidly growing company with a dedication to customer service. Regardless of whether you want to ship a car state to state or overseas, Auto Transport 123 has the options you need. As a family owned and operated business, they have maintained their integrity despite expanding. Now, customers who place an order with Auto Transport 123 receive $25 off an order if they mention an ad on their home page!

Customer Reviews of Auto Transport 123

October 13, 2011 – Breanna

“The car wasn’t picked up in the time frame that they said. He said it would be picked up on Saturday or Sunday. It was picked up on Monday. I paid 850 which was a couple hundred dollars more than the average quote to have the fast service. I was a little miffed that I paid more and still couldn’t get it picked up in the agreed upon time frame.”
State: Missouri