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ATV Shipping Services

ATV Shipping Services

ATV shipping companies specialize in point-to-point transportation of All Terrain Vehicles. ATVs are three or four-wheeled vehicles that are designed for off-road and dirt track riding. The vehicles are also referred to as quad bikes or three-wheelers, and are often not considered to be street-legal vehicles in the US. If you are an ATV owner looking to move your vehicle without a large truck bed, the only options you have are to pull it in a trailer behind you or to hire an car shipping company to do it for you.

Convenient and Affordable

ATV shipping firms can haul your vehicle to any destination regardless of whether you are relocating, buying or selling your vehicle. The shipping prices charged by such companies are often comparable to what you would pay if you were to trailer the ATV yourself, so there’s little reason not to take advantage of them. Choosing an ATV shipping company can be somewhat confusing if you haven’t used one before. So, it is a good idea to learn about all the available options before choosing a transporter.

How Transporters Haul ATVs

ATV transporters typically use enclosed semi-trucks to haul the vehicles from one point to another. In most cases, the trucks used to transport ATVs are equipped with hydraulic lift gates for loading and unloading the vehicle. Once loaded on a truck, the ATV is secured in place using special soft-tie straps. Some transporters also use open transport trailers or enclosed transport trailers to haul the vehicles. Such trailers are much smaller in size than semi-trucks, and are designed to transport just one or two ATVs at a time. ATV trailers typically come equipped with loading ramps at the back or side of the trailer for easy loading and unloading of the vehicles.

Preparing for Transportation

Proper shipping preparation and organization are key considerations when planning an ATV shipment. Often, ATV shipping companies will have specific requirements for shipping a vehicle. For instance, sometimes shippers might put an ATV in a pallet or a crate before loading it on a truck. In such cases, they might require you to drain your fuel tank as much as possible before handing it over for shipment. Other ATV shipping firms might allow you to ship your vehicle with a tank full of gas.

Insurance and Vehicle Tracking

Insurance and your ability to track your vehicle while it is in transit are two other key considerations you need to keep in mind when selecting a transporter. An ATV transporter should provide you with adequate insurance coverage for your vehicle so that, if something were to happen to it during transit, you do not get stuck paying for the repairs. Reputable ATV and car transporters should also have vehicle tracking to keep you informed of the status and location of your delivery.

Shipping Costs Can Vary

The cost to ship an ATV can vary depending on whether you choose an open trailer or an enclosed truck. It also varies depending on the size of your vehicle. Some vendors charge an extra fee of around $200 if your ATV does not fit into the standard 4′ x 9′ space on their trucks.

Distance and method of pickup and delivery also have an impact on shipping prices. For example, if you want the transporter to pick up your ATV at your door, it will cost you more than if you were to simply drop it off at their terminal. People transport ATVs all the time to vacations, sporting events and rallies. In such cases, ATV transporters can deliver your vehicle to your hotel, trail or campground.

Unlike cars and other passenger vehicles, ATVs cannot be driven to their destination over roads or highways. So, ATV shipping companies really are your best option for transporting these vehicles from one point to another.