GPS Vehicle Tracking

A GPS vehicle tracking system allows the owners and operators of vehicle fleets to determine the exact location of their vehicle at any given time. Such systems are often used by auto rental companies, moving companies and auto transportation firms to track and monitor the whereabouts of their fleet in a persistent manner. Many automakers, too, routinely install vehicle tracking systems in their higher-end automobile to deliver concierge services, as well as in-vehicle security and turn-by-turn navigation services.

Satellite-Based Navigation System

A global positioning system (GPS) receiver uses satellite-tracking capabilities to provide location data to users of the system. The receivers get the location data from a network of 29 geostationary satellites. High-end vehicle tracking systems can determine the location of a vehicle to within a few feet of its exact location, regardless of weather conditions or terrain.

Convenient to Use

Most GPS vehicle tracking devices are small and can be attached to any vehicle, The systems can be used to record location data, dates, times, speeds and even the length of time it took for a vehicle to go from one point to another. Most GPS receivers can transmit location and time data in wireless fashion to a central tracking station. Some lower-end GPS receivers are more passive in nature, and simply collect and record location data for future retrieval and review.

Fleet Tracking

Many auto transportation companies use GPS fleet vehicle tracking capabilities to manage their fleets. The systems allow such companies to control fuel costs and eliminate other costly inefficiencies. For example, many transportation companies use a GPS tracking system to reduce unauthorized vehicle use, increase fleet safety and control fuel costs by ensuring that drivers always take the most expeditious path to their destination. Fleet vehicle tracking records can also be used to verify the hours claimed by drivers and also to keep an eye on speeding or dangerous vehicle operators.

Better Customer Service

A vehicle tracking system also allows fleet owners to improve customer service operations. Auto transportation companies use GPS receivers to provide customers with real-time shipment tracking information. Customers can use GPS vehicle tracking to determine the exact location of their vehicle at any time, and the estimated auto shipping delivery date.