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White Line Shipping Review

White Line Shipping Review

White Line Shipping is a shipping company in Dubai that serves ports in the Far East, Middle East, North Africa, and along the Mediterranean coast line. The company was established in 1997, and enjoys a reputation for reliable and quality service along the sea routes within which it operates. White Line maintains a major regional office in China, and also has several logistics centers in the country. The company has agents located in major cities in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Spain, Italy and other port cities in the Gulf and the Mediterranean.

Weekly Container Service

White Line Shipping runs a weekly container transport service between ports in the Far East and Middle East to ports in Italy, Malta, Greece, Spain, Jordan, Jeddah and Egypt. In addition to container shipping, the company also accepts a wide range of non-containerized cargo. Every week, the company transports vehicles, heavy equipment, project cargo, and palletized break-bulk cargo, such as grain and oil.

Short-Sea, Feeder Services

The company also runs a weekly feeder shipping service connecting many of the intermediate ports in the area. As a feeder service, it specializes in short sea shipping, mainly along Mediterranean port cities such as Valencia, Barcelona, Skikda, Algeria, Misurata and Benghazi. It accepts both break bulk and containerized cargo for its feeder services.

General Agent Services

In addition to shipping, White Line operates as a Vessel General Agent. In that role, the company a variety of shipping services, such as warehousing and freight forwarding, import and export document filing, and land transportation services. All operations in Dubai, including stevedoring, shipping, cargo handling and warehousing, are handled directly by White Line.

Consolidated Warehousing Facilities

The company maintains independent consolidated warehousing facilities in Dubai and in Wivu, China. Customers can use the facilities to consolidate and store their cargo, and then have it loaded into containers for onward shipping to all the different ports serviced by White Line Shipping.