Avoid Shipping Personal Items in Your Car

One of the top questions auto shipping companies are asked each day is “Can I ship my personal items in my car while it is being transported?” While some car movers may bend the rules a little and allow some personal items to be shipped in a car, it is strongly advised against.

Risk Versus Reward

For one, car shipping services are licensed to transport vehicles, not household goods. If any transporter tells you that it is OK to ship your personal belongings in your vehicle while it is being shipped, they almost certainly will tell you to do so at your own risk.

What does “at your own risk” really mean? Basically, if you pack your trunk full of personal belongings and they are damaged, lost, or stolen while the vehicle is being transported, the auto transport company will assume no liability for the damage or loss.

Insurance Not Applicable

Secondly, insurance will not cover any personal items in your vehicle while it is in transit. That means your car insurance will not cover it, and your auto transporter’s insurance will not cover it either. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover your loss if you have a floater policy in place, but why chance it?

The More You Ship, The More You Pay

Lastly, packing personal belongings in your car adds weight to it. This excess weight could put the auto transport truck over its maximum allowed weight limit, possibly resulting in fines for the shipper and a delay in your vehicle shipment. You could very well incur an extra surcharge from the carrier because of this too.

Consider shipping your items through a company like FedEx or UPS, where you have the option to insure them. Better yet, if you are moving your car because you are relocating, consider moving these personal effects with the rest of your belongings on your moving truck.

Given this information, you can clearly see that even though an auto transport company may tell you that it is OK to ship some of your belongings in your car, you are better off not doing so.