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AmeriFreight Review

AmeriFreight Review

AmeriFreight is a relatively recently launched auto transport broker. Since they began business in 2007, AmeriFreight has strived to improve upon the customer service and satisfaction within the car transport industry. Their insurance policies and attempts to better communicate better with auto haulers shows that this company truly cares about the consumer.

Like all auto transport brokers, AmeriFreight does not actually own a shipping truck. Instead, they contact car carriers on your behalf to find you the best price from a reputable shipper. They also help to coordinate your shipping schedule, working to ensure that your vehicle is picked up as soon as possible.

AmeriFreight Services

AmeriFreight has some exclusive transport services that makes them a great choice for auto shipping, including:

  • Gap insurance for all damage caused to cars during shipping that is not covered by the auto carrier. Any damage to your car during transport will always be paid for!
  • Carriers always have a 95% customer satisfaction rating or higher before they are approved to work with AmeriFreight.
  • Students, senior citizens, military members, police officers, and firemen and women are all eligible for discounts.

Choosing AmeriFreight

AmeriFreight is the only car shipping broker to offer Gap Insurance and a “Total Assurance” plan that pays for any deductible incurred by damage claims on your insurance. They openly admit that an estimated 1 in 20 cars are damaged, on average, during transport, necessitating insurance coverage.

AmeriFreight also provides reasonable quotes that ensure that your car is shipped quickly. Many auto haulers will refuse to transport cars that receive bargain-priced quotes. Instead of keeping you waiting, AmeriFreight gives customers realistic auto transport quotes that can be counted on.

Customer Reviews of AmeriFreight

September 30, 2011 – Reuben

“We needed to ship our vehicle to California on a budget. I contacted Graham and we opted for the economy service for 795 knowing it was based upon availibility of carrier time and space. Since we didnt have a deadline we were willing to wait. After 3 weeks we decided to upgrade to Preferred service and were contacted within hours that a carrier was on its way to pick up our vehicle. I met with the carrier was very comfortable with everything he told me. He quoted me 4 days from pick up to delivery but we were very happy and surprised to have it arrive a day early. We would definitely use Amerifreight and Graham again.”
State: Indiana