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Toll Global Forwarding Review

Toll Global Forwarding Review

Although it is somewhat difficult to discern by the name, Toll Global Forwarding is an international shipping and logistics company. It was originally founded in 1888 in Australia, although, at the time, its only equipment were horses and carts, which Albert Toll used to transport coal. Throughout the last 130 years, Toll Holdings has grown into a truly global business which is capable of transporting freight of nearly any size around the entire world!

Toll: Not Too Global

Although it is a very large company which services the entire globe, Toll Global Forwarding is still capable of handling shipments of any size. If you are planning to transport a vehicle overseas, Toll Holdings can help you. Fortunately, the company has several offices in the United States dedicated solely to serving American clients. By contacting the closest office to your location, you can receive help in planning your vehicle’s transportation, and get information on pricing and expectations for your personal service.

More Than Just Transportation

As stated before, Toll Global Forwarding is both a shipping and logistics company. What this means is that, although they can ship items, they can also help you in planning the transport of your belongings. Because shipping, particularly by ocean freight, requires the vehicle to be at a specific port, those inland can experience issues. However, Toll Holdings will assist you in getting the vehicle to the right place at the right time for transport. Their team has been planning and carrying out large-scale operations for decades, so worry not! They will make sure your item gets where it should be going.

Sizing up the Competition

Toll Global Forwarding is certainly a worthy competitor in the global shipping business. They have 70 offices in 30 different countries, including in Asia, North America, and Africa. However, many clients still want the ability to make a decision between multiple businesses, allowing them to choose the right fit for their needs. can provide quotes from many of the leading international shipping businesses to save you a great deal of money!