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Fednav Group Review

Fednav Group Review

Privately owned Fednav Group is one of Canada’s largest maritime companies. It is a seven-company group that offers a range of marine services, including bulk cargo shipping, overseas car transporters, ship chartering, ice navigation, logistics, warehousing and stevedoring. The group is headquartered in Montreal and maintains offices in major cities throughout the world, including Hamburg, London, Antwerp and Rio de Janeiro

Ocean Freight Transportation

Fednav’s ocean-freight division is focused on the transportation of dry bulk and break bulk cargo to destinations around the world. The company has a fleet of 85 directly-owned and leased vessels which it uses to ship close to 30 million tons of steel and general cargo worldwide annually. The group owns the world’s largest fleet of ice-class vessels, which it uses for ice navigation services and to transport cargo over ice-laden international transport routes. Last year, the ocean freight group completed a total of 800 voyages to destinations in all continents.

Stevedoring Services

In addition to its core ocean freight business, the Fednav Group offers a variety of related maritime services. The group’s Federal Marine Terminals subsidiary, for instance, operates stevedoring facilities at company-owned terminals in Canada and the U.S. As part of its stevedoring service, the company helps customers load and unload dry bulk and break bulk cargo, such as steel, gypsum, sugar, wood and heavy machinery.

Ice Navigation and Ice Breaking Services

Another of its subsidiaries offers intermodal services that allow customers to receive or deliver import cargoes to inland destinations. The group’s Canarctic Shipping subsidiary delivers a range of ice-breaking services in the Canadian Arctic region. A relatively recently created Enfotec Technical Services subsidiary supports the Canarctic group’s business by offering vessel-routing and ice analysis services for ships operating in the region.

The group currently has a worldwide office staff of about 275 employees. In addition, it also employs about 1,100 onboard personnel to operate its vessels and manage its marine terminals. Fednav has been a member of the Better Business Bureau for more than 35 years, and currently has a rating of A+.