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Jamar Jackson: Editor-in-Chief

Jamar Jackson
I have been writing and editing professionally for over 13 years now for a variety of smaller publications around the country. I graduated from Tulane University with a Master of Arts in English. After growing up and living in New Orleans all my life, I moved to New York City briefly while working for a small publishing company.

Determined to find a more affordable city to live in and start a family, I moved to the Phoenix area in 2006 where I met my wife and began performing freelance work.

As the Editor-in-Chief of since 2008, I have worked to revitalize the site with informative, up-to-date articles that examine the auto transport industry both locally and all over the world. Managing our great news staff is always a pleasure, and I truly enjoy mentoring young writers and editors to help them produce great quality content that truly strikes a chord with our readership.